23 March, 2010

Where do I begin ?

Going back to the 1st of March ...
Our trip started, by packing all our stuff, in the rain, more than we needed, as usual, but it's a long way away if you need it LOL I'm sure half of the car's contents consisted of maps !
Most of the week before consisted of heavy rain and flooding to the west of us, and it was moving east, so we decided to pack everything and get on the road, before we got cut off, on the northern side of it. The idea was we would try and keep ahead of it, moving faster than the showers, at least.

We set out about 6am and drove via Stanthorpe, Qld, through Tenterfield, NSW, and south to Tamworth, NSW, where we eventually left the showers behind and could get a few photos. As we had travelled this route a few years ago we did have some photos as far as Tamworth, so we start with what Tamworth is famous for  the Golden Guitar.
You can see how overcast it still was, and still spitting a little bit. Heading for Muswellbrook, and Murrarundi, which was as far as we thought we would get, but had a few hours extra of daylight, so we travelled on to Singleton. Bad mistake. Most expensive motels outside of Sydney City I think, as Singleton is well known for the Horsing and Wine industries, not to mention the Mining, and that was why we may have got the last room in town, because all the motels we tried were full, of miners that get their accommodation paid for by the mining companies. They get a "slightly" higher weekly income than me ;) and they can afford it ! 
After we unpacked what we needed, we went for a walk around the nearby streets, and came upon a Subway, so that was tea (and pretty much lunch as well) for the day. On our way to Subway we found the NRMA (car insurance company for breakdowns) and managed to get a few NSW and Victorian maps (just in case we needed a few more) and bought our tickets to go to the Taronga Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo, on the way back from Melbourne. I managed to BUY some 'not so cheap' internet at the said Motel and managed to log in to N4D, so the day ended happily, anyway, although still raining lightly outside ....  Day 2 to be continued

Sunset in Singleton, NSW.

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