26 March, 2010

Day 10 - Preparing to leave ... :(

March 11

Today we stayed at Deb ad Paul's while they went to work. I did some updating on N4D and we went to the post office to get our ticket for the Eastlink and Citylink Motorways. This was a bit daunting, not being used to City traffic, the thought of driving on these places in peak traffic scared me a bit, and also the realisation our fabulous time away was coming to an end ... :( At least we found our way to the post office and back, without too many wrong turns. Just the first one, and we did a complete loop, back to where we started from LOL Next time I switched my brain ON, and we went left, instead of right !
OK, Steve, outta bed !!! We have things to do ya know !!! On second thoughts ...
Lets stay here a bit longer ....
Car packed, ready to be away before 8am to follow Debbie (to work) onto the Freeway, so we at least start off going the right way ! LOL

Tomorrow ..... a totally different day than expected ...

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