23 March, 2010

Day 5 - Sorrento here we come !!!!

March 6.
Here comes Mel !!!
Cars waiting to get on, and us waiting for Mel to get off ... There is an art to docking that ferry in there ! It goes in backwards.

Steve in his element here - he loves ice cream LOL How many 'points' in that, Steve :)
We saw lots of posh cars in Sorrento - I think someone said this one was a Mary Kay car. Of cosmetic  company notoriety.

THAT place, again ...

A Boutique, specially for Debbie and I to shop. :)

And another one .. called Naturally Deb's

More funny things we saw in the main street.
And US !!!! Debbie, Annette, Deb (me) and Mel :) Steve is behind the camera ... Just before we went back to the Ferry, so Mel could go back to her family. Thank You Mel, for coming over to join us ! Judging by all the chatter and laughs, I'd say we all enjoyed ourselves  :)
We saw Mel off and Annette left, and Debbie, Steve and I headed back also and we went through a very heavy downpour. We could barely see out the front windscreen. When we got home, we realised how lucky we were when we heard the news and Paul also said he had to pull off the road on the way home from work. There had been a terrible hailstorm in the City and bad flooding, and lots of property damaged. Luckily where Deb and Paul live, we missed it all, except the heavy rain.
See this innocent face ... he dug a hole and had to have a wash LOL He wasn't too impressed, either !
Steve and Deb took some bread up to the pond and fed the many different birds that live there, of their own free will. Wouldn't you, with dinner laid on ?

Next up, our day down at Frankston Pier and the Sand Sculptures :)

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  1. Nothing like great photos to tell the story. Great to read your blog.