24 March, 2010

Day 7 - Frankston Pier and the Sand Sculptures

March 8
It was still overcast and looked like it might rain, but we went to look at the Sculptures, and hoped they didn't get flattened in the hailstorm !  For weeks we had been waiting to have a look at them, and it would have been disappointing if we had missed them by one day.
Yes, just an ordinary pole, but I couldn't believe how many nails it had in it ! Many Garage sales held in and around Frankston ! I think that is where we saw it - we were on our way to the Pier, anyway LOL
 Part of the Pier and a sketch of what's here.
Who's taking a photo of who ?, No, Deb is taking photos of the sea and horizon. We think we could see Geelong, when we had a look back home.
This bloke had a lot of fun on the waves - it was very windy. We took photos of each other, but they weren't very flattering LOL
A few of the Sand Sculptures "Great Moments in History" display, on till 26th April, 2010.

And quite a few more. They were amazing, and so detailed, too. I'm glad they didn't get ruined in the storm :)
I know you think I put this here to prove Steve does do vacuuming, ;) but really it was to show you where Deb and I sat at our laptops - then we moved them each meal time.

Tomorrow I'll take you to the City, but some of the photos are a bit wild there, taken on a train and tram ride :)

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