26 March, 2010

Day 13 - On the last leg of the Journey

March 14th

Leaving Dubbo this morning, and a long stretch to home, a long trip from start to finish.

Not quite 30,000 kms on the odometer. It was 1687 kms from Debbie and Paul's in Melbourne, and at least that far around the Warwick - Sydney - Bathurst - Gundagai - Melbourne route, so I am thinking about 3,300 round trip. It was 994 km from West Wyalong to Warwick. We may just click onto the 30,000 km when the car goes in for a service in May. Still got the original tyres, and original battery, and 6 years old in June, so cross our fingers, it will give more good service :) Maybe it pays to belong to the RACQ, (Motor Insurance company) so you never need them ;)

And what was the first thing I looked at when we got home ?

The height of the grass ! Luckily Dad came and mowed on the 10th of March, and it was just ready for another haircut, as it rained the day we left, and was still raining the day we came home :)

Hope you enjoyed the trip ! I know we did, and thank everyone for your hospitality, Marg, Nikki, Annette, and especially Debbie and Paul for inviting us into their home to spend time with them, and their family, and meet Annette and Mel in Sorrento.

Debbie drove us all around and cooked beautiful meals, too. Taught me lots of new stuff, but of course, there is still more to learn ;) Thank you too, for advice on the maps and how to get to Debbie's, and how to get through the Eastlink and Citilink systems !!!

Luv Ya, Paul ! :P You cheeky fella ! Thanks for fixing my internet to be able to make good use of my laptop ;)

MWAH !!! and Hugs to you all !

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