26 March, 2010

Day 9 - Melbourne City

March 10th - 4 days after the hail storm hit the city ...

Well here we are, in the big smoke ! Never thought I would ever get here, and although it was exciting, not the place you would want to go to relax ! Not where we went, anyway. It was like an ant's nest - people bustling everywhere, all seeming to know where they were going, except two of us LOL Looking for a Cupcake Shop we saw on TV the night before - not the reason for the trip to the City, incidentally ! I always wanted to go on a Tram. I missed the Trams in Brisbane. I was very young when they discontinued them, so I guess it was a childhood dream to go on the Tram in Melbourne. A bonus was that it was free ! Also that they don't travel too fast, so you can sort of get a few photos, too :) These are some of many, and most are self explanatory, but where I know what it is, I'll put a note underneath.
One of the trams - not sure if this is one of the free ones though.
Part of Flinders Street Station, where we got off the Train from Frankston. The trip took about an hour, and I enjoyed it. I video recorded some of the trip to the City. Haven't got to look at it, yet ! Steve tells me it was good though LOL
I thought this was where Mum and Dad came to when they arrived back in Australia in 1956 (Dad born here, but he married in UK and "imported" Mum LOL) but Dad says they didn't - they went by plane to Brisbane.
A view from inside the Immigration Museum.
That yellow van is one of the many carpet cleaners, and other cleaners, and shops closed from the hail damage.

A road cleaner for small places LOL Not much bigger than a quad bike !

Bible House.
Don't know what this building (Church) is.
 Where I did my Correspondence Course way back in the mid 80s. Their headquarters, anyway LOL

Victorian Parliament House - there was a news camera waiting on the steps, and its right behind that set of traffic lights ! That was what I was trying to get a photo of ! LOL

The tram I thought we were going to be travelling on ...
See what I mean by "crooked" buildings ...
On the train back to Franston Station.
Zac on guard, waiting for Deb and Paul to come home from work ... sshhhh....
Deb's car gets parked about a metre from his nose, (the glare on the left) and he heard her, and because they are usually outside when she comes home, they took off out the back door, to meet her ! Then remembered she was coming in the front door !! About 2 metres from where they were ! It was so funny to watch ! But Candy and Peggy did the same thing at home, when we had them LOL Old dogs and new tricks ....
 There goes one of our Sorrento Vanilla slices .... supposed to be cut into thirds, it seems ... Deb's laptop is actually about 50 cm from Steve eating that slice ;)

And so ends another great day .... another day tomorrow ...

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