31 January, 2010

One month gone ...

... and a whole new one beginning tomorrow !
Yesterday we went out along the highway that heads south, through Stanthorpe to Wallangarra and NSW. There was a fairly extensive fire 20 kms south, at an area called "The Glen". It is now owned by the Scots-PGC College school in Warwick, and they use it for their horse and agricultural classes. This is the 2nd fire the school has had in 12 months, with the other in the boys dorm in winter, the cause I think was some misbehaving by some students.

This is the results of the fires, that started Wednesday evening, and were put out by the local Fire Service, only to re-ignite on Thursday morning, requiring 5 Fire trucks each, from both Warwick and Stanthorpe. There were sirens going all day. The fire actually started on the left side of the photo and jumped the highway, which is fairly wide, as you can see.

This is some of the edge of it, still burning, Saturday morning

This is how close the medical rescue helicopters come to land at the hospital. The roof, is my car garage. It was a beautiful sunset - Friday night at 7.15 pm (AEST) I took a few more photos of just the sky, as you would be thinking, no doubt  :-)

Tomorrow will be lots to talk about, so stay tuned ...


29 January, 2010

Time gets away

It doesn't seem like days since I visited here. Having a public holiday for Australia Day threw me out of routine, as does any holiday, not on a weekend.
It has been up to 38 degrees here this week, and on Australia Day Steve and I had an hour or so in the spa, cooling off. There is no pin-up boy in this photo LOL

This little duck came with the spa and is affectionately called "Quacker"
Steve reckons he looks in better nick than him LOL

Yesterday we had a pretty nasty looking storm, but no damage, just wind and 11 mm of rain. You can see by the date palm near the centre of the photo, what the wind was like. So while this was threatening to cause electrical problems, I turned off the computer and watched The Thorn Birds on TV, instead. The electrical storm was around for hours, and the movie was over 8 hours long, so it worked out well, in the end, and a little bit of rain, too, to green up the grass and weeds again.

I was lucky enough to get this set of DVDs off my girlfriend, Marilyn. She is always on the look out for DVDs for herself, and knew I wanted to see this story again, so she bought them for me. Now I have seen these, I guess it will be back to sorting and throwing stuff out, again, tomorrow. It was a bit cooler today, so hopefully it will be even cooler tomorrow, and will be good for sorting stuff. Hopefully there will be something more to add here, tomorrow, as my P365 layout just needs one more photo for the month, and I'll show it here, too.
Next week is the start of all the new Challenges over at Nuts4Digi, and a little birdy told me they have a birthday coming up very soon, too ;)  The same day Candy and Peggy 's birth day was, actually. :)

Till next time, keep scrappin'

Deb. :)

23 January, 2010

After the Speed Scrap

While updating PSE today, I had a better look for a more suitable photo than the one I chose in a hurry last night, because, although we had a week's notice, I didn't actually pick the things I needed until the afternoon before they were needed. The week just flew by ! I already used the photo of Steve with Mr Potatohead on another layout for Di, so I decided to change the photo and added a cluster of roses, instead of the single flower. So, here is Take 2 of my layout for the Speed Scrap.

This is Michaela trying out her Christmas Beauty Kit on Steve. He has had his hair blow-dried, now it is time for lippy ... pucker up, Steve ... like this .... LOL

This Kit is From the Heart (Kit # 16) from Nuts4Digi and costs $5.50

That's about all for now,


Speed Scrap at Nuts4Digi

Last night Anne-Marie hosted a Speed Scrap over at Nuts4Digi. We had to come to the Chat room, prepared with a Quick Page and enough photos to use on the page. Anne-Marie was to give us further instructions at the Chat.
I chose one of our Challenge Prizes for my Quick Page - "From the Heart", created by all of the N4D Designers.
Our further instructions were to add two elements and a title or journaling. Here is how mine finished up.

These Speed Scraps and Chats are lots of fun, and take you out of your comfort zone, as you don't know what the following instructions are going to be when you pick what you are going to use. Next month we are going to have a game of Bingo :)

I should have a new kit from Di @ Legacy4Life, to show you soon ;)

Keep checking, too, because there will be some exciting news, soon, too ... I was asked on New Years Day, and have had to keep my mouth shut all this time ! LOL Do you know how hard that is ! LOL

See you soon,

21 January, 2010

I read a book !

Well, not ALL of it ... just enough to find out what the problem was LOL
You see, it was going to be in the mid 30s today, so at 10am I decided I would make the house cool, and get productive and sort some papers and stuff out - maybe even shred a few ;)

Well, I went outside and made up 5 litres of 'Roundup', (permanent weed killer) and sprayed all the edges and where it needed it, so it looks a bit more respectable when I mow.
It was quite hot and humid outside, and when I came back inside it was cooler (because I had shut all the windows and turned the air conditioner on, before I went outside, OK ?)

Wrong ! As soon as I'd turned my back, the air con packed up and decided it wasn't hot enough for it to work yet !!! So, I couldn't figure out why it would "start" and then stop again, but still had the light on. Power was getting to it, to start, so I wonder what button I pressed on the remote in the dark, and upset the whole workings :( At this point I changed the batteries in the remote :-) Steve was out, too, at the Pringle Cottage Museum, at a meeting, so I was on my own with my problem :-)

Thirty five minutes later, I had read a few pages, and checked my remote looked like the picture in the manual then AAHHHH !!!! If you have had lightning or radiowaves, you must turn the breaker off and on, and check it is on, and then go to the outside (the fan and workings etc) of the air con and turn it off and on, and after a few gurgle noises, like a bad belly ache, I walked back inside ...

Hey presto !!! It was working !!!! YAY !!! Thank goodness for that, as I wipe the sweat from my brow :) Remember the storm we had on Sunday night / early Monday morning ....

Maybe the papers will get sorted and shredded tomorrow ...

Catch ya later

20 January, 2010

Blog Challenge at Nuts4Digi

Nuts4Digi have a Blog Challenge every month, hosted by Di @ Legacy4Life, which are always very thought provoking. Here is mine for January.

This month we had the Theme: What is your favourite book or movie and why?

I absolutely loved this book, and am eagerly waiting to borrow the DVDs off a friend, to watch, and live the moments again. Great movie, I guess, with Valentine's Day coming up soon ;)

This is the prize you get for participating in the Blog Challenge. It's part of a mega kit you end up with, if you complete all the January Challenges.

This is what you get, if you complete my Colour Challenge:

and the Scraplift Challenge :

So ... why not pop over and see all the other Challenges, and the other participation prizes for them. :) See you there soon ;) ...


18 January, 2010

Blown Away

Well, nearly ! It felt like it, anyway. Last night we had a ripper of a thunderstorm.
I had just finished two layouts for next month's Challenges over at Nuts4Digi, and decided to call it quits for the night, at about 12.15am, and have a shower, and I heard a rumbling noise ... I thought it was someone putting the Wheelie Bin out for collection, but that was not due till tonight. Then I looked out of the window and what a display !
(photo from the local newspaper The Daily News)

We got 18mm of rain, in about 20 minutes, and branches were all over the roads when we went to town this morning. Hopefully it will be cooler tonight.
Today was a busy "outside the house" day, with mowing, and a few general tidy up things that have been waiting for months. Like putting two bags of fertiliser in the two wheelie bins, and putting it in the garage, instead of outside, where the rain can get into them. That is not a good outcome.

Washing the clothes - two batches, because I didn't do half of what I was supposed to, because I had covered it up with a blanket I tossed off the bed. It had not made it's way to the clothes basket, but in a pile, in a corner, on the floor LOL
I really, really HATE coming in from my shower at night, and having to make the bed, after washing all the sheets and pillowcases etc. I always try to make it as I get the items off the line - and remember that when I am half asleep making the bed at midnight :( LOL

Well, looking forward to getting some more sorting and throwing done tomorrow ...

Have a scrappy day,

15 January, 2010

N4D Challenges - January 2010

All About Me - Reminisce - Glynis (Graphics Illusions)

Inspired by Art - Lush - Debbie (Digi Illusions)

Blog - Sweet November - Deanna Patterson (Designer N4D)

Brag Book page 1 - Rainy Days - N4D Designer challenge prize

Brag Book page 2 - Rainy Days - N4D Designer challenge prize

Font - Rough N Tumble - Donna Duncombe Designs

Quote - Animalia - Just Passin Thru (Nikki)

Scraplift A - Midnight Magic - Debbie (Digi Illusions)

Scraplift B - Tranquility Debbie (Digi Illusions) & Calendar - Just Passin Thru

Sketch - Bliss - KDesigns

Variety - Big Bang - Caroline (bbk29)

The Photography Challenge is the two photos I have on the first post, of Candy and Peggy.

Full credits are available in My Gallery at Nuts4Digi

Till next time, have a scrappy time :-)


Getting there

Quite a few clicks later, (and a LOT of error messages) I, with the help of my friend Debbie, from Nuts4Digi, have got this up to a usable stage, I think :)

I must share this layout I did last week, for the Animal Kingdom Challenge over at DSO, using Kim B's Fresh Start Kit. Also a freebie called Winter Iceberry by Designs by Kristine.

This makes me laugh, every time I look at this poor cat LOL I also did another layout using the same photos, for the Colour Challenge I host over at Nuts4Digi. The Colour to use was Black and shades of grey, and any colours on your photos. The ladies have done some lovely layouts with their Black kits.

This layout was created using Aby - a kit created by KDesigns, one of Nuts4Digi's wonderful designers.

Now wasn't that cat's head and neck just begging to have something put on it ! LOL

I'll add a few of the layouts I have done for my Nuts4Digi Challenges, next post :)

14 January, 2010

Amore is here

Di @ Legacy4Life has just released her latest kit, called Amore. It is currently 40% off, and costs just $3 USD. I love the romantic feel to it, and soft pastel pinks and greens.

Here are my layouts I created with 'Amore'

Happy Birthday, Emily

Hello Cockie


13 January, 2010

In The Beginning...

This is the beginning of a new life for us .... I swore I'd never have a blog. Would never work out how to do it. Well I've got this far LOL

These are the two responsible



These two layouts were created with Di from Di@Legacy4Life's kit called Elegant Whisper.