21 January, 2010

I read a book !

Well, not ALL of it ... just enough to find out what the problem was LOL
You see, it was going to be in the mid 30s today, so at 10am I decided I would make the house cool, and get productive and sort some papers and stuff out - maybe even shred a few ;)

Well, I went outside and made up 5 litres of 'Roundup', (permanent weed killer) and sprayed all the edges and where it needed it, so it looks a bit more respectable when I mow.
It was quite hot and humid outside, and when I came back inside it was cooler (because I had shut all the windows and turned the air conditioner on, before I went outside, OK ?)

Wrong ! As soon as I'd turned my back, the air con packed up and decided it wasn't hot enough for it to work yet !!! So, I couldn't figure out why it would "start" and then stop again, but still had the light on. Power was getting to it, to start, so I wonder what button I pressed on the remote in the dark, and upset the whole workings :( At this point I changed the batteries in the remote :-) Steve was out, too, at the Pringle Cottage Museum, at a meeting, so I was on my own with my problem :-)

Thirty five minutes later, I had read a few pages, and checked my remote looked like the picture in the manual then AAHHHH !!!! If you have had lightning or radiowaves, you must turn the breaker off and on, and check it is on, and then go to the outside (the fan and workings etc) of the air con and turn it off and on, and after a few gurgle noises, like a bad belly ache, I walked back inside ...

Hey presto !!! It was working !!!! YAY !!! Thank goodness for that, as I wipe the sweat from my brow :) Remember the storm we had on Sunday night / early Monday morning ....

Maybe the papers will get sorted and shredded tomorrow ...

Catch ya later

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  1. something always comes up doesn't it? Shame the something preventing the filing this time was not so fun.