31 January, 2010

One month gone ...

... and a whole new one beginning tomorrow !
Yesterday we went out along the highway that heads south, through Stanthorpe to Wallangarra and NSW. There was a fairly extensive fire 20 kms south, at an area called "The Glen". It is now owned by the Scots-PGC College school in Warwick, and they use it for their horse and agricultural classes. This is the 2nd fire the school has had in 12 months, with the other in the boys dorm in winter, the cause I think was some misbehaving by some students.

This is the results of the fires, that started Wednesday evening, and were put out by the local Fire Service, only to re-ignite on Thursday morning, requiring 5 Fire trucks each, from both Warwick and Stanthorpe. There were sirens going all day. The fire actually started on the left side of the photo and jumped the highway, which is fairly wide, as you can see.

This is some of the edge of it, still burning, Saturday morning

This is how close the medical rescue helicopters come to land at the hospital. The roof, is my car garage. It was a beautiful sunset - Friday night at 7.15 pm (AEST) I took a few more photos of just the sky, as you would be thinking, no doubt  :-)

Tomorrow will be lots to talk about, so stay tuned ...


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