18 January, 2010

Blown Away

Well, nearly ! It felt like it, anyway. Last night we had a ripper of a thunderstorm.
I had just finished two layouts for next month's Challenges over at Nuts4Digi, and decided to call it quits for the night, at about 12.15am, and have a shower, and I heard a rumbling noise ... I thought it was someone putting the Wheelie Bin out for collection, but that was not due till tonight. Then I looked out of the window and what a display !
(photo from the local newspaper The Daily News)

We got 18mm of rain, in about 20 minutes, and branches were all over the roads when we went to town this morning. Hopefully it will be cooler tonight.
Today was a busy "outside the house" day, with mowing, and a few general tidy up things that have been waiting for months. Like putting two bags of fertiliser in the two wheelie bins, and putting it in the garage, instead of outside, where the rain can get into them. That is not a good outcome.

Washing the clothes - two batches, because I didn't do half of what I was supposed to, because I had covered it up with a blanket I tossed off the bed. It had not made it's way to the clothes basket, but in a pile, in a corner, on the floor LOL
I really, really HATE coming in from my shower at night, and having to make the bed, after washing all the sheets and pillowcases etc. I always try to make it as I get the items off the line - and remember that when I am half asleep making the bed at midnight :( LOL

Well, looking forward to getting some more sorting and throwing done tomorrow ...

Have a scrappy day,

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  1. I thought at first you must have taken the photo... great shot.
    I think you are enjoying this blog for sharing your thoughts... good on you. I enjoyed reading what you shared.