23 January, 2010

After the Speed Scrap

While updating PSE today, I had a better look for a more suitable photo than the one I chose in a hurry last night, because, although we had a week's notice, I didn't actually pick the things I needed until the afternoon before they were needed. The week just flew by ! I already used the photo of Steve with Mr Potatohead on another layout for Di, so I decided to change the photo and added a cluster of roses, instead of the single flower. So, here is Take 2 of my layout for the Speed Scrap.

This is Michaela trying out her Christmas Beauty Kit on Steve. He has had his hair blow-dried, now it is time for lippy ... pucker up, Steve ... like this .... LOL

This Kit is From the Heart (Kit # 16) from Nuts4Digi and costs $5.50

That's about all for now,


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  1. Deb... I am really really enjoying what you are writing on this blog of yours... please keep it up.