20 January, 2010

Blog Challenge at Nuts4Digi

Nuts4Digi have a Blog Challenge every month, hosted by Di @ Legacy4Life, which are always very thought provoking. Here is mine for January.

This month we had the Theme: What is your favourite book or movie and why?

I absolutely loved this book, and am eagerly waiting to borrow the DVDs off a friend, to watch, and live the moments again. Great movie, I guess, with Valentine's Day coming up soon ;)

This is the prize you get for participating in the Blog Challenge. It's part of a mega kit you end up with, if you complete all the January Challenges.

This is what you get, if you complete my Colour Challenge:

and the Scraplift Challenge :

So ... why not pop over and see all the other Challenges, and the other participation prizes for them. :) See you there soon ;) ...



  1. About time you got a blog Deb. Looking good. Nice layout, I vaguely remember seeing a bit of the Thorn birds when it was on TV, haven't read the book yet.

  2. A long time ago, back in the old days there was a time when I was quite taken with Richard Chamberlain (TV show, Dr Kildare?) Enjoyed both the movie & the book of the Thorn Birds.

  3. Deb... this blog is looking good.
    Just thought I would add I liked Richard Chamberlain in a silly movie about Cinderella... can't remember the name of it. But he made a good Handsome Prince.