15 February, 2010

Surprise 7th Birthday

The Happy Birthday, that nearly wasn't... Michaela got a wonderful surprise when she saw the car full of people pull up the front of her house ! She wasn't expecting the day to be a good one when the circumstances that caused her to not have a party were realised. But when she knew she wasn't coming to see us, she didn't think that we might come to see her !
This was the look on her face and the present she is holding, was only secondary. The present was much appreciated. She didn't even look inside to see if it was full ! It did have her dresses I had sewn for her and her birthday card with a big 7 on it ! This should be big enough to fit those winter fleecy clothes she'll need when she comes to visit us !
Here is Michaela surrounded by most of her presents. There is a stroller in the white box that has been packed away for about 2 years, so she got some expert help from Steve to put that together. Emily also had one, so there was enough to keep Steve out of mischief for a while.

I'm sure toy companies don't have a sense of humour - they all put heaps of wire and stuff to pull off before you can actually play with your new toy ! LOL


Now, the stroller is only just big enough for dolly, so she is well and truly strapped in ! Michaela now knows how important seat belts are, so makes sure everyone has theirs on :-)
This is what they were impatiently trying to get to, undoing the wire and tape etc. This toy was just like a real cash register - credit card, microphone, and scanner, too.

The day was completed by us all having lunch at Sizzler, and one of the hostesses took a photo of all of us, and lucky for Dad, he had gone to Dick Smith Electronics to get some batteries for the TV remote control. How good was that timing ! LOL

I'll be back later, with pictures of what Steve and I did on Valentine's Day :-)

Till then ...
Stay happy and scrap often


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  1. Some happy moments captured in your photos. Aren't children spoilt with the amount of presents they receive nowadays. I remember when I was young there was basically only what my parents gave and maybe an occasional gift from an Aunt or two.