15 February, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

It was a lovely day outside, although a bit humid, but we decided to go to a picnic spot up near Cunningham's Gap, in the Great Dividing Range - it's the highway that gets you to Brisbane from New South Wales, if you go through Tenterfield, Stanthorpe and Warwick way.

This was the view from our table.

One of our visitors that watched us, and hoped we would share our lunch.

And another one ...

and another. I forget what these birds are called. Besides a scavenger !
Steve tells me they are Friar birds.

This is where we came back to, after our walk in the forestry, right at the top of Cunningham's Gap.

A wider view of where we ate our lunch, right down the back, just to the left of the tree in the foreground, you can just see our table. It was the only one in the shade at the time.

This is the very top of Cunningham's Gap, the Great Dividing Range, when you look at a map of Australia, this Range goes right down the eastern coast of Australia, right down to Victoria.

This is the monument erected in 1927 for the centenary of Cunningham's Crossing here.

Sometimes you find a tree across your path ...

... a long time ago ...

and on a clear day you can see Brisbane and the Gold Coast ! The highway is where the closest cloud shadow is, at the bottom of the photo. Running parallel to the bottom of the photo.

See, you don't walk too close to the edge ... someone slipped and was killed last year.

Take your pick how energetic you are feeling .... We did the top one ... but have been to Mt Cordeaux - the very top. It's very scary and windy up there !

This is the size of the vehicles we have to dodge on the highway LOL 
Not easy to pass sometimes.
This was a snapshot of our day out. Lovely and peaceful, but we were rather tired when we got home. It's a pretty steep walk up to the lookout.

Have a great week !
Till next time ...



  1. Some great photos... makes me think we better go and visit this place sometime. I have been there many years ago.

  2. I drove through Cunninghams gap with my Mum when Sean was about 3. Mum and I drove up to Hervey bay to visit my brother and his wife