01 February, 2010

It's a Special Day

On this day, back in 1984, four little puppies were born, to Gypsy and their dad, above, in the header :) Two of them were very special, and here is one of the Challenge layouts from Nuts4Digi - Anne-Marie's Variety Challenge, where we downloaded this heart template and made a layout with it.
They are very special, because they nearly didn't have a life at all, when at 6 days old, their mother, Gypsy got run over by a car, because someone let her off her lead.
My sister Shirl, who brought Gypsy all the way back from Victoria, under the front seat of her car  (because she didn't want to come out  and Candy had the same fear!!) fed these puppies every few hours, all through the night as well, so they would survive. They had curtains and a clock to listen to, so it was a little bit like being with their Mum, listening to her heart. One died the day after she was born. She looked like Candy. When the other three were about a month old, I took them to work and fed them, and then looked after them with Vitamin drops for young children, and a milk and mince meal, and they steadily grew, and developed with the biggest hearts you could wish for.

We had some fantastic times, and I just wish digital cameras were around in those days, and I could zoom in and get the lovely photos we can achieve now.
I am just so pleased that Dad bought one in mid 1999, and we got 6 months photos of Peggy, before she had to be put to sleep, and a few more months of Candy.

So, one Challenge down, and I've also done mine, so I will show them in the next post  :)

See ya then !


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