27 February, 2010

Flaming ... a Hot NEW Kit

Di had a rough day with someone and got a bit irritated, so that brought about "Flaming" I can't imagine Di irritated , but ... if it's as red as this - don't annoy her LOL

and also an add-on she has available to her Newsletter subscribers on her Blog ;)

Lovely kit suitable for lots of different occasions. Here are my layouts I created

This couple are my Grandparents, on their 50th Wedding Anniversary, aged 80, in 1969. The middle photo, the whole family - their six children - half of them still alive.

This is my Grandma's grandparents, on their Engagement in 1864. I have this photo and it is still in quite good condition for it's age. It's about A3 size, probably bigger, but I know I had a lot of trouble finding a frame to fit, and suit the other photo I have of the same size, of my Grandparent's wedding in 1919.

In a few days we are off to Sydney to see Marg and Nikki, and then on to Melbourne to see my friend and 'Boss' at Nuts4Digi, Debbie. Didn't think this time would EVER come ! Now lots to do all at once LOL On Saturday most of the girls that live around Melbourne are meeting on Mornington Peninsular, and having a good old chin wag - good thing Steve doesn't mind CWA  (Country Women's Association - or Chin Waggers Association) meetings, as he is used to the one's at the Museum.

A new month again soon, and I will have all new Challenges and news then, I hope :)
Have fun, be happy :)



  1. A wonderful photo of your GGs :)

  2. Great use of the kit Deb. I love the heritage page.

  3. Awesome layouts Debs and maybe I should get irritated more often ;) LOL