23 February, 2010

Feeling the time slipping by ...

Where has the time gone, and where have I been you ask ? Well I know we went down to the river on the 18th and saw where all the river had flooded a little bit, as the following photos show

The water came right over the path, and the Council have washed it off and cleared any debris off the trees and from the river. It was smelly though.

This and a few more like it, were only placed here a few weeks ago. The grass hasn't even "set" and it got an extra drink this week :)

In the middle of the photo is a cement path we usually walk along, but the small creek was flooded over it, as we saw walking on the other side of the river. We watched as a cyclist came riding along at a fairly fast speed, and heard the squeal of brakes and exclamation, as he found it it flooded. The ducks were enjoying themselves, there, though LOL

Here he is checking his bike. Maybe the chain dislodged. Poor fellow, because he had to turn around and go back, and down the side we were on. He was probably in a hurry to get home from work, too LOL

You can see what a mess it got into here ....

You can guess what I thought THIS was hanging in the tree !!! It was actually a water monitor, but I only saw the tail end first off, and when the hairs sat back down on my arms, I took this photo of him LOL

Next day, we got visited by some flying foxes, as they found a nice desert up the date palm tree across the road. Some are in the branches, and some on the yellow patch hanging down, that's the dates.


The last few days I have been doing a bit more research on my fellow digi scrapper, Marg's family. My expanded "desk" that got replaced by a door, has been handy this week.

Some of the aids you need to do the research, as you can see, plenty of drinks LOL

Aha !!! What's going on here you ask ???????  The car getting a "check-up"

We are off to Sydney and Melbourne to see some digi scrapping friends - well we are ALL friends at Nuts4Digi LOL speaking of

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Nuts4Digi is looking for some wonderful ladies - or guys - to join their Creative Team ! Guys ... you gotta be able to put up with the ladies at the Chat, and in the forum, and lots of layouts with gorgeous babies all over them ;)
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we would love to welcome you to join us, too :-)


I thought this an interesting view of the Banksia, so took a photo, this morning at the Family History Centre.
I don't know how many times I will be able to post here before we go, but hopefully at least once more ...

See I told you the time got away ...
Till next time
Stay Happy  !!!

Deb. :-)


  1. I thought the same & shuddered when I saw that water monitor until I read below.

    Say hi to Marg, you'll have so much fun catching up :)

  2. Wow, you have had a heap of rain. Great photos.