12 April, 2010

Not the way to start the day

Usually, if my day starts with a phone call, it means the rest of the day goes downhill from there. This morning was one of those times. Dad rang me at 7.40am to say Mum was not well. She hadn't got out of bed to watch "Sunrise" so she MUST be sick ! LOL  She has had a cold the last week, and probably getting run down, because she doesn't recover from these things herself, having a weakened immune system.

Mum has spent many 'visits' in the local hospital from the same thing, but after her stint in the ER last Christmas, they were now asking questions concerning her heart, which she passed the Stress Test for, and pretty well given the all clear.

So when on the phone with Dad, I suggested he ring the ambulance, because if you front up to the hospital any other way, but by Ambulance, you may as well just stay at home ...

About 2 minutes later, the ambulance roars past with sirens blaring ... (sometimes I wish I didn't live so close to the hospital) Oh, no, I didn't think she was THAT bad !!! Last time this happened she actually died, and was revived on the way to the hosptal .... so I left the washing machine going, luckily I was decently dressed, having just said my goodbyes to Steve for a few days, so hopped in the car and took off to Mum's and Dad's place. This is not what you want to see outside your parents house, too often.

This is when they just got her strapped in and ready to go. I found out hours later it was not her ambulance that had the sirens going, it was another lady I know, who was opposite Mum in the ICU, and she is off to Brisbane for heart evaluation tests tonight.
Usually Mum gets some IV Steroids, and gets well enough to come home, in about 3 - 4 days, so hopefully this visit will be the same, and the week will end well.

Dad and Mum, now, have both had a scare with their health the last week, so hopefully that will be the last for a long while.

The moral of the story ... don't take your health for granted, and stay happy !

Till next time,
Cheers, Deb :)


  1. What a worrying start to your day! Hope all is well again for everyone soon :)

  2. I hope your mum recovers quickly. I guess that there is nothing like a little drama to get you day going.

  3. Sorry Deb that I had not read your blog when all this happened.

    Thanks for sharing your story. You do a great job of putting words together to make them interesting reading.