26 April, 2010

It was a bit flowery today

Yes, it's been a while, but life sort of got busy, running around to hospitals and visiting, then catching up with stuff, from not being here ... but here is something I did do. I went to visit Mum and Dad's today, and Mum had all these flowers all blooming, so I snapped a few of them. You can see lots of them have long grass near the flowers - that's from all the rain, and Mum hasn't been able to get into the garden, to weed.

So, here we are, for your viewing pleasure. Mostly Chrysanthemums, or Mother's Day flowers, I call them :)

A Rosella flower and fruit
 Roses & Chrysanthemum

Just for Anne-Marie ... :)

So ... lots of different flowers, and weeds, too :)

I have some more photos to share with you about our weekend, so hopefully I can get that here soon :)
Bye for now, happy scrappin' !

Deb :)


  1. wow look at all those photos. I hope you Mum is feeling better.

  2. Beautiful flowers here :)
    I miss having them - our new one has a coastal design.

  3. Thanks for the red rose - just for me.
    There are some gorgeous flower photos there. I like that pinkish grivillea.