21 July, 2010

Jumpers and Jazz and the cold weather that comes with it

The middle of July is the start of the annual Jumpers and Jazz festivities in Warwick. Every year I can remember the decorations have been put on the trees and it has not even been 24 hours, and it has rained. Well, nothing out of the ordinary this year, either, but I did get a few photos before the decorations got wet ! What a miserable day, though ! LOL This might give you an idea ...

It felt like it was going to snow any minute ... anyway I managed to get these photos ...
That is the Post Office behind the statue in the second last photo. The past mayor always gets a scarf and beanie, every year :)

The "white" items are from Leslie Park, and were taken on Monday, when it was just a little warmer, and brighter, between the clouds :)

More photos to follow , hopefully tonight, after tea ...

For now,
Deb :)


  1. Wow, these are fantastic and the cactus pole ... double wow.

  2. Fabulous photos. I love the cactus too

  3. Terrific collection of pics here Deb :)