16 October, 2010

CT layouts for Jen Reed

Jen has been a busy gal the last few weeks, increasing and creating more kits for us to play with :-)

This is a Breast Cancer Awareness display at out local Jumpers and Jazz Festival, held each July. Various communities make knitted items and wrap them around the bare trees to keep them warm, in the last two weeks of July. Thus came this layout, using a freebie that Jen has created, called The Orient, for the November Blog Train, which will start on the 1st of November. See Jen's Blog for details soon, and here are the layouts I did ... remember the roses from last post ... ;)

As well as The Orient on the Blog Train, there is also a participation prize for creating a layout for Jen's Ad Challenge, and letting her know where it is, and putting a link on her blog. This kit is called Golden Vanity, and here are a couple of pages I did, using this mini kit.

These sculptures truly were remarkable, and considering the huge hail storm that went across Melbourne, ripping roofs off new buildings, they did remarkably well to be there at all in the morning, when we visited them. The bottom left photo shows a worker repairing one of the displays. I have many more photos of these sculptures, you will probably see some more of  ;-)
This is my layout for Jen's Ad Challenge on her Blog ...

Still more CT layouts to come, for Nikki and Just Passin' Thru, so don't go away, too far, anyway ;-) Go on then, go and grab your coffee!

Till the next post,

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